Fairmont Preparatory Academy

Fairmont Preparatory Academy
Los Angeles City, California (West)

Located in the heart of Southern California, Fairmont is a rare resort where one can walk by the sea in the morning and drive in the mountains in the afternoon. On weekends, students can go swimming, visit art galleries and museums, or visit other attractions that make Orange County the most popular tourist destination in the world. Fairmont Private Schools are in such a great location that it can satisfy a variety of hobbies, even just a taste of the experience!

School Advantages

Certified by the National Independent Private Schools Association (NIPSA)
Certified by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
15 years of successful experience in cultivating international students
100% entered the university, 95% was admitted to the top 100 universities in the United States
90% students are able to apply for admission to the University of California system

1+2, 2+1 high school course

Fairmont offers 1+2, 2+1 courses to Chinese high school students. After completing the China High School Examination and the corresponding courses, the students can enroll in the Fairmont School and complete the final year of high school. The students who complete all coursework and pass the exam may receive a Fairmont Joint Diploma with the goal of getting all graduates to the top universities in the United States. The students who have completed the American program are better prepared to enter the US universities.

Linfield Christian School

Linfield Christian School
Temecula, California (west)

Linfield Christian School is situated on a beautiful 105-acre campus with its campus between San Diego and Los Angeles in southern California. The school has rigorous academic programs, sports and art opportunities. The school offers 15 University (AP) programs. Students, after graduation, can enter some of the top universities in the United States.

School advantages

The school has a rich curriculum that meets the requirements of the University of California, and most students can be admitted to the UC system after graduation.
The SAT average score far exceeds the national average, and that of TOP50 students exceed 1800 points.
Small class teaching, providing one-on-one tutoring
The No. 1 high school in the region

Seton Catholic Preparatory

Seton Catholic Preparatory
Arizona (southwest)

Seton Catholic Preparatory is located in Chandler, Arizona, USA, where it is not only sunny but also in a suburban location. Chandler is known for its mild climate, friendly and welcoming neighborhood and an assortment of shopping plazas. Here, you can not only choose a variety of sports activities, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lakes and parks. Chandler is just 30 minutes from downtown Phoenix. Arizona is definitely the ideal place for you to spend the life in American high school.

School advantages

Seton Catholic Preparatory is accredited by NCACSS (Northern Central University and Secondary School Accreditation Association) and WCCE (Western Catholic Church Education Accreditation Association).
Awarded the Blue Ribbon Award ("Blue Ribbon High School" is regarded as the Oscar of the education sector, and is the highest honor awarded by the US government to the high schools, only 3.9% of the American high schools won this honor.) Seton Catholic Preparatory was evaluated by the US Department of Education For the 2017 Blue Ribbon Award "Model High School". Schools that receive this honor generally have the best students in the United States, who are able to achieve a score of at least 85 on a standardized test.
Engineering: Seton Catholic Preparatory offers students the opportunity to pursue further study in engineering. Engineering courses allow students to be better prepared and lay the foundation for a higher level of mechanical and software engineering in the future.
United States Academic Decathlon (USAD) Team: Academic Decathlon is the premier high school student academic competition platform in the United States. It adopts a unique team competition method, including objective knowledge competition in 7 subjects (single test), 2 performance competitions and a multidisciplinary paper. Seton Catholic Preparatory team won the state championship and won the fourth place in the national competition (medium-sized school) in 2017.

Wheaton Academy

Wheaton Academy
West Chicago, Illinois (middle west)

Wheaton Academy is one of the oldest and most respected high schools in the United States. The school is known for its high standards of teaching, mature student culture, leadership development opportunities, life-changing teacher-student relationships, beautiful university-style campuses, and state-of-the-art hardware. Wheaton Academy offers a global university preparatory course (including 19 AP courses), an innovative “January Short Term”, a well-functioning international student program, and a wide range of extracurricular activities.

School advantages

Excellent teachers: Enlighten students to achieve high achievement;
English support: professional English learning support and tutoring; professional internship: available in short semester in January;
Life skills: establish and teach important values and life skills;
Clubs: numerous opportunities for students to participate in sports, art and other clubs;
Immersion environment: 5% of the number of international students, enabling international students to fit into the local community and speaking English;
Travel: providing special travel throughout the United States;
Reputation: outstanding reputation, well-respected, widely recognized.

University of California-Berkeley

School Type: Public
Year of establishment: 1868
School Address: Berkeley, California
School Ranking: 21 (US News 2018)

one of the most prestigious and top-notch public research universities in the United States. The school has a high academic reputation worldwide, has rich teaching resources and has a solid research strength. The school has 14 colleges and universities. The academic majors offered cover almost all academic fields, the curriculum is flexible and novel, and many majors are among the best in the United States. Berkeley's academic achievements have made great contributions to the economic and social development of the San Francisco Bay, California, and the United States as a whole. It is at here is that vitamin E was discovered, the influenza virus was identified, and the first no-fault divorce bill was drafted. Together with Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California-Berkeley is known as the academic leader in the US engineering and technology community.

Service Facilities

University of California-Berkeley Library has three main libraries, 24 sub-libraries, and 11 affiliated libraries, with more than 10 million books, following the Library of Congress, the Harvard University Library and the Yale University Library. It is the fourth largest library in North America.

Popular majors

business economics, economics, educational information education management science, mathematics computer science, literature, biology, demography, social sciences, psychology, urban studies, music universal music theory, philosophy and religious philosophy, public service society work, humanities English language and literature, foreign languages, engineering biopharmaceutical engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, other engineering, news and media speech and debate, medical hygiene eye health, health management, nutrition, pre-medical performing arts and dance, drama, film, political and legal political science, public finance, etc.

Well-known alumni

One of Intel's founders, Moore's law inventor Gordon Moore, former US Secretary of Energy, Zhu Diwen, winner of Nobel Prize in Physics, former Peking University President Jiang Menglin, etc.

University of Southern California

School type: Private
Year of establishment: 1880
School Address: Los Angeles, California
School Ranking: 44 (US News 2018)

One of the world's leading private comprehensive academic research schools. The curriculum of University of Southern California is highly recognized, with business schools, film, communication, architecture, medicine and polytechnics being well-known in American universities. At present, University of Southern California is one of the ten private universities in the United States that has received the most funding from the federal government for research and development. In the University of Florida survey, University of Southern California ranks the 12th among top research universities in the United States with the Undergraduate Department of Marshall School of Business ranks 11th in the United States.

Service Facilities

In the recent fundraising activities, University of Southern California raised $2.9 billion, the second highest total fundraising amount raised in the history of American higher education. This enabled University of Southern California and its partners to complete the construction of 27 new buildings in a short period of time, providing students with more than 750,000 square meters of activities, scientific research, teaching and medical space.

Popular majors

business, economics, tourism and hospitality, educational information education management, mathematics, computer science, astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, social science anthropology, archaeology, regional and cultural studies, demography, international relations , other social sciences, psychology, urban studies, medical dentistry, health, pharmacy, medical prep, performance art, drama, film, aerospace engineering, biopharmaceutical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, journalism and media journalism, public services, etc.

Well-known alumni

Taiwan's well-known host Hou Peicen (Patty Hou), Hong Kong TVB popular artist Lin Feng (Raymond Lam) and so on.

Purdue University

School type: Public
Year of establishment: 1869
School Address: West Lafayette, Indiana
School Ranking: 56 (US News 2018)

A long-established research-oriented public university with government-approved land, sea and space use rights, has always been known around the world for its excellent teaching quality and modest fees. It is acclaimed as "Harvard in the tourism industry" and "the mother of American aerospace". Purdue University offers more than 210 majors; the most well-known is its College of Engineering; College of Engineering, Purdue University offers a highly competitive curriculum design and leading department, and is one of the world's top engineering schools. The faculty is also very strong, and 20 of the teachers are pioneers in engineering in the United States. The 23rd President of the United States, Benjamin Harrison, is a member of the Board of Directors of Purdue University.

Service Facilities

The main campus of West Lafayette covers an area of 2,474 acres and is a simple and quiet university town. The city is highly accessible, about 65 miles from Indianapolis, the state's capital and the 12th largest city in the United States, and about 100 miles from Chicago, the third largest city in the United States.

Popular majors

Undergraduate students: bioengineering, agricultural engineering, nuclear engineering, industrial engineering, aerospace engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering.
Graduate students: industrial engineering, civil engineering, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, bioengineering, agricultural engineering and nuclear engineering.

Well-known alumni

Japanese chemist Eiichi Negishi, Nobel Prize winner in physics Edward, the first astronaut on the moon Neil Armstrong, China’s " father of two bombs" Deng Jiaxian, vice chairman of the International Astronautical Federation Liang Sili, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Li Guojie.

The Juilliard School

School type: private
Year of construction: 1968
School Address: New York
School Ranking: First Place in the National Conservatory of Music

It is adjacent to the world-famous Metropolitan Opera, the New York City Opera House and the New York Symphony Orchestra, and is the most popular American art academy. It is indeed a music school comparable to Europe, which has a centuries-old classical music tradition, reflecting the centuries-old cultural history of the United States. Owing to the generosity of a textile rich businessman, it has become the music art school receiving the largest amount of individual donations to date. From the beginning of the last century to the present, this music school has been qualified to be known as a century-old school.

In the past century, the United States has become a world-famous actor from a local actor in the Western Hemisphere. Although music is not directly related to the rise and fall of the country, the youngest century-old school has also achieved leapfrog development. Numerous talented children have come to the world-famous university which boasts of a galaxy of famous teachers. The Juilliard School of Music is the cradle of musicians.

Service Facilities

Although Julia has only one teaching building, Julia's creative $300 million "Second Century Fund" strengthens and enhances the financial strength of teachers and students, enables the development of important art and academic projects. This initiative has been completed in tandem with Julia's newly restored building. Studios, theaters, rehearsal halls, music technology and writing exchange centers with advanced technology and equipment, as well as a safe storage room built for the priceless treasure Julia manuscript collection will be put into use.

Popular majors

composition, harp, orchestral, organ, piano, vocal. Master's degree: collaborative piano, composition, band conductor, chorus conductor.

Well-known alumni

Von Cleburn, Jenny Fleming, Perlman, Zuckerman, John Williams, Sarah Zhang, Ma Youyou... and so on. Just look at the leaders of the world's major symphony orchestras, most of them are from Julia. Movie star Kevin Klein, violinist Perlman, and choreographer Lubovic are also graduates of Julia.