Huaqiao Bilingual Education Group, founded in 2003, is headquartered in Tangshan, Nanjing, one of the first batches of scenic national tourism resorts. It is a cross-region and cross-industry international and modern educational institution jointly established by US Huaqiao Education Investment Group, US-China International Education Exchange Center, U.S. LeFun International Education Center, Guannan Huaqiao Bilingual School, Huaqiao Senior High School, Huaqiao Art School, Nanjing Allen Campus, Jiangsu Zhongzhi Meida Investment Co., Ltd., Nanjing Ailuoduo Overseas Study Service Co., Ltd. and other legal entities. It offers wide ranging and multi-level education programs including early childhood education, elementary education, art education, international education, online education, overseas study program, etc.

The Group is financially solid and has extensive domestic and foreign educational resources. Currently, it has nearly 10,000 students. Guannan Huaqiao Bilingual School is a provincial key school with a history of 16 years. In the past 16 years, it has focused on achievement, innovated management, strengthened services, and made great efforts in improvement of quality, created the three major features of “bilingual teaching”, “highly efficient classroom" and "harmonious education", and has made great achievements through exploration and efforts. It won the Municipal High School Teaching Quality Award every year, successively won the titles of China’s Top 100 Schools in Private Education, National Advanced Collective for Private Education, and Advanced Private Schools in Jiangsu Province. It is the Vice Chairman Unit of the Jiangsu Provincial Private Education Association. Nanjing Allen Campus has nearly 300 employees. Since its inception in 2014, it has adopted the initiatives of hiring American teachers, small-class teaching, introduction of feature courses, paramilitary management, and overseas study tours. The first class of graduates all achieved the high-quality level of the US high schools. A student surnamed Chen, a student surnamed Hao and other students were all admitted to the top 100 universities in the United States.

Huaqiao Bilingual Education Group has established itself as a leader in the education sector by taking advantage of the group-based internationalized school-running system and relying on the flexible and rich school-running mechanism.

Introduction of Group Badge of Huaqiao Bilingual Education Group

The badge of Huaqiao Bilingual Education Group is a globe consisting of five portraits wrapped in two ears of wheat. It reflects the "people-oriented" governance philosophy and the educational goal of "cultivating globally competitive highly-qualified Chinese talents".

"People-oriented" is mainly manifested in three "five aspects", namely "five withs": with emotional management as the basis, with quality management as the basis, with system management as the standard, with objective management as the direction, with process management as the key; "five bys": regulating by rules, restricting by systems, guiding by example, influencing by environment, inspiring by character; "five stresses": stressing study, stressing service, stressing devotion, stressing cooperation, stressing taste.

"Cultivating globally competitive highly-qualified Chinese talents" is mainly manifested in three "highs", namely building the school into an "excellent, distinctive, refined and world renowned" high grade school, developing teachers into highly qualified teachers who are "loving, accomplished, willing to learn, knowledgeable, good at thinking and giving guidance, and innovative", and developing students into high-caliber talents who are "well-developed morally and intellectually, proficient in liberal arts and sciences, good at study and creation, healthy physically and mentally" through efforts and exploration.

Huaqiao Bilingual Education Group Values

Overall orientation: Huaqiao education, cultivating internationally competitive talents

Education philosophy: everyone is valuable, laying the foundation for the whole lifetime

Education goal: cultivating patriotic internationally competitive talents with leadership and innovation ability

Affiliated schools of Huaqiao Bilingual Education Group

Huaqiao Senior High School

Guannan Huaqiao Bilingual School

Nanjing Allen Campus

Huaqiao Art School